velvet paintings


     Who doesn’t like a good old tacky velvet painting?  I ventured into velvet painting around 2008 starting on small canvases with acrylic, and then now work mainly with oils with my only limit being the fabric bolt size.  I strive for smooth blends and strong colors which require a light brush hand and patience for many layers.

     In the beginning my painting subjects varied from Pop to Fan type art, but has evolved through time and experience.  Currently I am working on a body of large scale works based from GAN images.

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  • Ghouls nightmare on velvet - multi
  • GAN on velvet
  • GAN on velvet
  • gan on velvet - detail
  • Kitty on velvet - detail
  • Kitty on velvet
  • Fallout on velvet
  • Fallout on velvet - detail
  • Doyle on Velvet
  • Doyle velvet - detail
  • Unicorn Forest on velvet